Maybe you’re a part of a small company that doesn’t have clear processes in place for moderated user testing or, like me, you’re a part of a really big company but the testing lab has a month-long waitlist. In either case, I’m writing this article to empower you to spearhead your own user testing initiatives and get that much-needed user feedback.

In this article I’ll walk you through my steps and a do-it-yourself approach to testing which include the following:

  • Audience & incentive
  • Recruitment
  • Guidelines & tasks
  • Failures and learnings

Why DIY?

In trying to decide on the best method for qualitative…

I think we’re all fully aware of the Design Sprint 2.0 framework by AJ & Smart and Jake Knapp. But, there are a few other things often overlooked that can make your design sprints all the more effective.

If you aren’t up to speed on the 2.0 framework and the awesome step-by-step videos that AJ&Smart produced breaking down each activity, open up another tab, check them out, then come back and keep reading.

Being a lead designer and in this industry for nearly 10 years, I have both facilitated and participated in my fair share of design sprints. Not a…

Luxurious resorts & hiking a volcano at 2am

My friend Beverly and I have known each other since we were in 2nd grade which made 2019 our 20th friendiversary. We’ve both been living apart for roughly 3 years now. Me in the Netherlands, and her in Australia.

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3-day road trip from Dublin to Galway and back

This was the very first trip I went on after officially moving to Amsterdam from the states. Only being at my new job a couple of months I already had the itch to leave. Though, this meant I didn’t want to take a tonne of time off so, extending a weekend was a good option.

My friend and I took a Friday night flight, right after work. Living in Amsterdam, Ireland is a quick 2-hour flight, landing in the capital city, Dublin.

Protip: Try taking a Friday night flight for weekend…

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Snorkeling with tropical fish on our own private beach cove

I was really torn about booking this tour initially, being that it was an all-day thing and you had to take a bus so far to get there. Though I was recommended by so many people that Ilha Grande is a must-see, so I couldn’t pass it up.

This is the tour I booked. At the time it was €120 for 2 people. All of the guides were amazing and really helpful. I ended up writing a 5-star review for them at the end of it.

A driver picked us…

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From beach walks at sunset to assault rifle gunfire

Initially in Rio for work, I extended my trip to take some time to enjoy the city while all the festivities for Carnival were happening. I stayed in Ipanema which is positioned between a lake to the north, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, and the beautiful Ipanema beach. This means walking north or south for no more than 10 minutes will bring you to water.

Just as I had lost all hope… the sky began to dance

Honestly, who doesn’t have the northern lights on their bucket list? It’s such an indescribable, spectacular display from forces most can’t even comprehend.

Departure day

I had booked this trip for my Birthday/Christmas present to myself. Now, I gotta start this story off by the very real fact that everything in the universe was trying to not let me go on this trip. I’m generally a very lucky person all around but, when bad luck does decide to target me… oh man, does it come in tenfold.

I don’t want…

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The hidden gems you didn’t expect to find

This being my second time in Paris, I had already hit all the major landmarks and tourist spots like Notre-Dame, Sacré-Cœur, and Musée du Louvre. This time around I wanted to find the hidden gems not everyone knows about.

First off, I stayed in this super cute hotel named Hôtel des Batignolles between the 17th and 9th arrondissement. It was walking distance from Boulevard de Clichy which was humming with great places to eat. …

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Dex & I overlooking Oeschinen

Rain and thunderstorms 🖤

Starting from my home in Haarlem, NL heading south via Belgium, Luxembourg, and France we drove for roughly 10 hours before setting up camp in Parc Naturel règional des Ballons des Vosges, in a little town called Munster.

User experience is rarely at the forefront in healthcare companies so, as a designer, you’re met with a huge challenge in trying to showcase the value and impact research and design can have on products.

Have you seen the interface your doctor has to struggle with? It’s something nightmares are made of.

I recently took on a project for a U.S. healthcare insurance company with the goal to challenge the idea that UX design has no place in this type of industry.

The Project

Initially I was brought on to the project to make their current iOS app look androidy and slap…


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